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Sand for hot tub frame protection.

💦Purchasing a hot tub and you're not sure what kind of Base to put it on? Whether you're putting it on a deck, a platform deck, patio pavers, pea gravel, ez pad, or a concrete pad, ALL are fine and it's just really just personal preference. 💡One thing that we have noticed over the years is if you put sand under the hot tub, it really extends the life of the frame. Whether it be wood on wood, or wood on concrete it will still get moisture under it and the spa frame will rot unless there is sand so the air can get under there and let it dry out. We have seen five year old tubs with the bottom falling off because of all the moisture and the frame couldn't breathe and it just turned to muck. We have seen 20 year old hot tubs that were placed on various pads and platforms with sand under the hot tub and the frame looks brand new. It DOES make a huge difference and we have seen this over the years with multiple spas. So, whatever platform you're deciding to put your hot tub on doesn't really matter in the end what does matter is placing the sand as a protective measure. 🏡 Hot tub moving and Spa removal services 7 days a week 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. #wisdomwednesday #hottubmovers #naperville #chicago 

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