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Winter is here! Do you winterize your hot tub? Do you enjoy wintertime spa relaxation?

Winter is here, do you winterize your hot tub, or do you use it year round? We think Winter is the BEST time to use your hot tub, with the snow falling down all around it can be a magically relaxing time while bubbling away all the days stress in your spa. Hot tubs are meant to be used year round and it really helps the longevity of the spa to be filled and running, even if on anti-freeze mode, we still believe it is best for the spa to be filled and powered on. If for any reason this is not an option for you there are options which include winterizing your spa. Please consult your closest retailer for your winterizing needs, this is very important as different makes and models have different needs as far as wintering goes. You cannot simply empty the spa and leave it "empty" and count on it being "ok"like that for the winter. There is a special antifreeze additive that must be poured in after draining a running spa to make sure the lower plumbing and motors will be safe from freeze damage, and this must be done by a hot tub professional. Even though the hot tub looks empty there is still a lot of residual water in the unseen lower plumbing and will expand and can burst manifolds, plumbing, can crack pump housings and do so much serious damage which can be very costly to fix. So, if you do not plan on enjoying your hot tub this winter, please do yourself a favor and winterize, winterize, winterize! And keep us in mind for all your hot tub moving and removal needs!

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